A fly fishing rod with a red and orange fly attached to it.

The Martinson fly

Today’s choice - one of my own flies, the Martinson - I named the fly after finding a moth-eaten collection of old flies belonging to an old Swedish fisherman who fished at Winsnes for many years.
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I designed it for the run off just in the change from slightly peat stained water to clear. It is unusual salmon fly because it contains quite a bit of claret and chestnut brown. It is a fly that only seems to work as the last of the colour tricked out but when conditions are right it’s a great fly
Two anglers showcasing their successful catch during a Gaula fishing expedition.

More salmon stuff from Winsnes

A man is standing on a grassy hill next to a river, fly fishing.

August on Gaula

Fishing on Gaula in August is different from the early and mid-season. Matt Hayes gives his tips and advice for fishing at the back end.

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