accommodation SINGSÅS


The Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge was built in 1882 and the guest housing consists of two two buildings. The style is simple, rustic and charming and best of all, totally authentic.

Accommodation with a green roof.

The Summerhouse

The summerhouse is our main guest accommodation. The house dates back to the 1700’s but it was refurbished in 2001. A charming, rustic house with three floors, it has four bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, lounge, dining room and a small kitchen. It has internet and guests are free to consime hteir own alcohol here.

A small wooden cabin in the middle of a grassy field providing accommodation in Gaula.


Buret is a small former food store and now a stylish, rustic apartment that will suit couples, families and anglers fishing as a pair. This charming accommodation is old and dates back to the 1700’s. It has a downstairs double bedroom, upstairs lounge and sofa-bed, small kitchen, stove and bathroom. Self-catering is possible and we sometimes have self-catering weeks in the fishing schedule. 

A yellow house sits in the middle of a forest, providing accommodation.


Storstuu meand ‘Big House’ and this traditional Norwegian farmhouse dates back to 1882. The first fishing guests from the UK arrived in the same year and since then it has served as a place to celebrate salmon fishing ever since. The house was recently re-painted and refurbished internally. The Winsnes-Hayes family live in Storstuu but we also use it from time to time for events and functions…

An accommodation in the Gaula region, nestled in a wooden cabin along a dirt road surrounded by forest.


The pub – gathering point and meeting place for the 13 glorious weeks of the salmon fishing season! Meals are eaten in the pub, while upstairs we have a fishing and hunting lounge, complete with fishing hall of fame! These are licensed premises. Only alocohol bought on the premises can be consumed here but guests are free to consume their own alcohol elsewhere on the site.