A man enjoying relaxation in a hammock.

The Art of Relaxation

A Vital Component of Successful Salmon Fishing on the Gaula River is taking time off your feet and off the river.
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The Gaula River Experience

At Winsnes we have a system of resting periods in June and July. The river is off limits to everyone twice daily between 2.00am and 6.00am and between 14:00pm and 18:00pm. There numerous benefots to the system, the most important being that we catch more fish for less time on the water. Salmon fishing in high summer in Norway takes a physical toll and many is the time I have seen anglers burn themselves out only to fall to pieces when the fishing switches on. 

The other major benefit is  mental health. I know mental health sound a bit hyperbole, but as a guide and long time guest at Winsnes I’ve seen what the strain of chasing the first hook-up does to some fishermen. The Winsnes choice to implement this, in my opinion effective system, has made the the enjoyment of the whole experience vastly better for the majoority of our customers. You connect with fellow fishermen, share experiences and last but not least – you will arrive at a rested pool every time you arrive at your next four hour session. 

This regime, coupled with our maximum rod limit means that in addition to the mandatory resting, when everyone takes a break, the gaps in the pool rotation ensure that every time our guests move to a new pool they are fishing rested water!

A man is peacefully holding a gaula fish in the river.
Some moments happen late at night - stay rested
The Need for Relaxation
Even during the fishing periods, having a beverage and  a look through your flybox at the hut with your fellow fishing partner will pay off on many levels. 

Relaxation isn’t just about kicking back and enjoying the surroundings (although that’s certainly part of it). It’s about preserving your physical and mental energy for the moments when the fish are most active. Imagine it as a marathon rather than a sprint. Here’s why relaxation is crucial:
  1. Energy Conservation: A full week of fishing can be physically demanding. By taking regular breaks, you conserve your energy, ensuring you’re ready to cast your line with precision and power when it counts the most.

  2. Mental Clarity: Fishing is not just about brute strength; it’s a mental game. Resting allows you to clear your mind, focus on strategy, and make informed decisions about where and how to fish.

  3. Enjoyment: Salmon fishing on the Gaula River is not just about catching salmon; it’s about enjoying the entire experience. Taking breaks gives you the opportunity to savor the natural beauty, share stories with fellow anglers, and connect with the environment.

A man is enjoying relaxation by sitting on a rock and fishing in the Gaula river.

Take a break

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