GREAT FISHERY POOLS Bespoke fishing and accommodation on the Gaula River

Winsnes bespoke friendly fly-fishing accommodation

map of fishery

Here’s a map of our fishery. The zone is approx some 4km in length, with fishing on both banks, fly only. We enjoy total control over the water and the fishing is reserved uniquely for our guests. The fishery encompasses to fishing ‘vald’ or areas, Malum Winsnes and the FHO (Flaskholen)fisheries. The fishing is divided into 7 beats which our guests fish in rotation. Daily resting periods for all of the pools are guaranteed.


Our fishery is divided into 7 beats with a total length of just under 4km. We control the fishing on both banks and it is fly fishing only. Our maximum number of rods is 8 although the lodge retains 2 further rods for the owners. The policy of resting periods has been very successful for our guests

Access to the Fishery

All of the beats on the fishery are accessible from both banks. Several of them are within comfortable walking distance from the lodge but a vehicle is required to access those at the top end of the fishery and on the far bank.
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