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Winsnes bespoke friendly fly-fishing accommodation


Most Norwegians speak good English – a knowledge of Norwegian is not necessary. 
The currency in Norway is the Krone. It tends to hover around 10kr to the GBP for quick reference. Krone is the only currency you will be able to spend in public shops etc.,
We accept card payments at Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge.
The lodge has free internet for all of our guests and the speeds are quite fast.
Norway is one hour ahead of GMT and aligned with the rest of mainland Europe.
Since Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge is a licensed premises with a pub on site, we serve alcohol to our guests. You are welcome to consume a combination of your own alcohol and the drinks that we have for sale in the pub. 
We encourage guests to bring their own alcohol which can be consumed in or around the fishing lodge, by the river but not in or around the pub. This is strictly against the law and we will advise you where and when your own alcohol can be consumed. 
Many guests bring spirits from the airport while larger groups often also like to have a stock of good wine. Sending us a wishlist in advance is popular and enables us to buy better wines for your group. The same can be applied to special foods such as cheeses etc.,
Many of our guests like to enjoy a drink by the river and this is encouraged as part of the experience! There are several fishing huts available for a late night drink but please respect the environment and other local property owners. 


During your stay, the pub will be open most days and some of the nights during the week. Please check with staff but please be aware that we are quite a small team and can’t open the pub late into the night every night. However, guests can drink their own liquor in and around the fishing lodge whenever they choose and its nice to have a pub night or two so that we can toast the fishing! 


Is important if you wish to explore all of our fishery. Whilst much or our fishery is accessible on foot,  the extremes of the water require access to a vehicle. This means that visiting anglers should hire a car or share a hire car with other friend(s). If you intend to come without access to a hire vehicle, please advise in advance because we may be able to find another guest willing to share a car. In the absence of this possibility we will not accept the booking.


The laws on drink driving are particularly tough in Norway and the local police are very much committed to policing tourists and alcohol. They are well aware that cars with salmon fishing rods on the roof are often good target, especially in the evening. We have also received reports from several of our guests that they have been breathalysed when travelling to and from the airport. 
Our advice is simple: don’t drink and drive! Thankfully, much of the river is within walking distance of the lodge so it is not difficult to enjoy a dram or two in safety. 


There is a doctor’s surgery in Støren (our nearest town) and excellent hospital facilities in Trondheim. 
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