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Winsnes bespoke friendly fly-fishing accommodation

Gaula Statistics

Gaula is approx 145km long
Average Annual catch: (Past 5 years): 4318 (individual fish)
Average size of fish: approx 6.15 kilos
Fishing Season: June1st-August 31st
Biggest Fish in past 5 years:  23.1 kilos (51 lbs)
Percentage of total Gaula catch caught at Winsnes (past 5 years): 2.16%, 2,97%, 3.14 %, 2.71%, 3.63% (note that ours are all fly caught fish whereas total catch for river is any method)

Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge key Stats

Average Annual Catch (8 Rods per week): 120 fish
Average Catch per person, per week: 2.5 fish
Average Size Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge: 6.62 kilo (6.15 river average)
Biggest Fish in the Past 5 Years: 18.2 kilos (40.04 lbs)

Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge - Additional Useful Info.

When deciding your fishing week at Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge, please remember the following

Weeks 22, 23 and 24 see very little fishing pressure at Winsnes because it is considered a risk of high water, yet in 2016, week 24 yielded 27 fish for 210 kilos!

August sees less fishing pressure than July but stocks of fish in the river are reliable

Prices for fishing are lower in off-peak weeks

Weeks 26 to 31 are considered peak on middle Gaula 

Our fishery is invariably in the top 10 for Gaula even though we are fly only and some of the other beats allow any method fishing

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