ACCOMMODATION Bespoke Fishing Accommodation On the Gaula River

Winsnes bespoke friendly fly-fishing accommodation

Accommodation & Hospitality

The Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge was built in 1882 and consists of 7 single or double occupancy rooms. The style is simple, rustic and charming and best of all, totally authentic. 


Bura is a self-contained apartment with en-suite facilities that dates back to the 1700’s. Historically it was a food store on stilts, used at Winsnes over many years for its original purpose and now converted into accommodation.’


So little has changed at Winsnes since the days of the salmon lords. The buildings remain the same and the house remains in the ownership of the Winsnes family…

Other facilities

The lodge boasts a pub and a fishing tackle store which are open during the summer. We also have a wader drying room for our fishing guests’ use

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